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Grassmoor Primary School





2018 - 19

 Dear Parents

 Welcome to Grassmoor Primary School

  I hope you find it both informative and interesting.  You will of course receive letters throughout the year to keep you fully informed with what is happening.

 Our main aim is to provide well-planned, structured and exciting education experiences for every child.  We also aim to provide children with the skills that they need in adult life.  We strive to provide this within a calm, working environment where there is an atmosphere of co-operation and trust.

 We look forward to working with your family and hope that both you and your child enjoy your stay with us.

 Our address and telephone, fax and email numbers are:

 Grassmoor Primary School

North Wingfield Road



S42 5EP


Telephone:  01246 850349      Fax:  01246 859119

Email:  info@grassmoor.derbyshire.sch.uk




 The Headteacher is

 Mr S. Fidler


 The Chair of Governors is

 Mr A Bradley



When visiting the school please go first to the school office where Mrs Flint, our administrative officer, will meet you.  Mrs Flint will be able to deal with most queries and arrange appointments for your to meet the appropriate people.




We value:

 Our children stimulating and encouraging them to achieve high personal standards and independence.

 Good behaviour, encouraging our children to display good manners and respect for themselves, others and their environment.

 A sense of community, promoting friendship and happiness.

 A safe, secure and calm learning environment.

 Partnership between school, home and the local community.




 To achieve high standards and continuing progress in all areas of the curriculum and school life.

To enable each child to reach his or her full potential through a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum.

To promote each child’s personal development through spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

To develop children’s independence and curiosity.

To help them understand right from wrong and know what is, and is not acceptable behaviour in school and society.

To foster a co-operative working relationship between the school and its community.




 The majority of our pupils come from the village of Grassmoor although if space is available we do take children from further afield.  Everyone, even families within the village, must state a preference for a particular school.  Letters are sent out in November to all children in the nursery due to start school the following academic year asking them to state their preferred school.  This information is sent to the LA who will inform parents of their child’s place in April.


Our admission limit for reception in 2018/19 is 30.  We are always very happy to meet and show round any parent who is thinking of sending their child here.  Please telephone Mrs Flint on 850349 to arrange a visit.


Children join the nursery from a wider field that the normal ‘catchment’ area.  Children must be at least 3 years old to be accepted for a place.  Children on the Safeguarding register or have, or are likely to have special needs are put to the top of the list, after that children are admitted on age order.  It is hoped that all children who wish it are able to have at least two terms of nursery education.




 The school currently has 8 classes and the nursery.  All classes are arranged in mixed ability groups.

 All children follow the National Curriculum with the four core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and I.T. and a further 7 foundation subjects – history, geography, technology, art, music, physical education and religious education being taught. 

 All children will receive an hour of literacy and numeracy teaching every day.

 In order to enhance the curriculum, educational visits may be organised or workshops may be arranged within school.  Parents will be informed of such events by separate letter.

 Special events are also organised such as Sports Week, Christmas Arts Week and the Oscars.




We are very proud to be one of the very first schools in Derbyshire to have been awarded the ‘National Healthy Schools Award’.  Our school dinners are cooked on the premises and are checked by a dietician to ensure that they are well balanced.  We have a salad bar which is available daily.

 Children are only allowed to bring fruit if they wish to have a snack at break time.




Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK and sunburn in childhood can double your risk of developing this in later life.  We therefore consider it very important that your child is appropriately protected during the summer months.  Please send you child with a hat and ensure that they are wearing a high factory sunscreen during the summer months



 We have high standards at Grassmoor Primary School.  We try to keep rules to a minimum and these are prominently displayed in each classroom.  We will not tolerate bullying.  If you are worried that your child is being bullied please talk to your child’s teacher IMMEDIATELY. 

 If a child persistently misbehaves parents will be informed and asked to come into school to discuss the problems.  In extreme cases of rudeness and bad behaviour a child may receive a period of fixed exclusion and if this fails to have the desired results and if all else fails a child will be permanently excluded for the greater good of the school community.  We hope however that this will never happen!

 On rare occasions it is necessary to use force to control or contain a situation.  This might involve staff physically interposing between children, blocking a child’s path, holding a child, leading a child by the arm or shepherding a child away by placing a hand in the centre of the back.  Such actions would only be used when it is necessary for self-defence or because there is an imminent risk of injury or where there is a developing risk of injury or significant damage to property or where a pupil is behaving in a way that is compromising to good order and discipline.  Parents will always be informed when a major incident of this type has taken place.

 Good behaviour is publicly acknowledged in weekly assemblies and through rewards.



 We encourage all children to take part in sporting events.  A range of traditional sports are taught including football, hockey, netball and cricket.  Two hours per week at KS1 and KS2 are dedicated to the formal teaching of PE.  In addition to this the children have the opportunity to join a range of after school clubs to play sport for enjoyment and competitively.  Tai Chi is currently available to Year 2 and 4 daily and to all other year groups twice a week.




School starts at 8.50 am.  We ring the bell at 8.50 to ensure that we are ready to start by 8.55am.

 Lunch time is 12.00 – 1.05 pm and school ends at 3.15 pm.  It is ESSENTIAL that children arrive at school promptly in the morning.

 Nursery morning session begins at 9.00am and finishes at 11.30am.

The afternoon session begins at 12.45pm and finishes at 3.15pm.


ATTENDANCE 2014-2015


Number of pupils of Compulsary School Age at year end       =  207

 Total number of Pupil Sessions    =  72848

Percentage of Authorised Absences       =  3.43

Percentage of Unauthorised Absences              =  0.46

Attendance at school is crucial if children are to make good progress.  We strongly encourage parents NOT to take holidays during term time.  If it is absolutely necessary to take a holiday during a school term parents must apply to the Head Teacher to request permission.  Please note this may or may not be granted, all applications are looked at individually.  If permission is denied and the child is still taken away from the school the case will be referred to the Education Social Worker.  Parents should be aware that a penalty notice may be issues which will result in a fine.



We positively encourage school uniform.  This is:

 Blue sweatshirts / cardigans/ jumpers

Yellow or white polo shirts

Grey, black or blue trousers, skirts, shorts

Sensible (low heeled) shoes




All children need a change of clothes for P.E.  T shirts and shorts with pumps or trainers are suitable.  In winter a track suit or leggings and a sweatshirt are useful.  P.E. kit should be stored in a draw string top bag or carrier bag which should be named – no large sports bags please we don’t have the storage space! 




We do not encourage the wearing of jewellery in school for safety reasons and no child with earrings is allowed to participate in any form of P.E.




 A variety of clubs and activities take place – some during the lunch break, others before and after normal school time.  Some of these include:




Tag Rugby





Kung Fu




 Film Club


 We are always interested in hearing from parents who have a specific interest or skill which they are interested in sharing with us.




Each year the children at Key Stage 2 elect two children (one boy, one girl) per year group to represent them on the School Council.  The Council meets with a member of staff on a weekly basis.  This is a forum for children to pass on any concerns that they might have and made suggestions as to how the school could be improved.

 The School Council raise money for charities and often represent the school at special occasions.  They are a very valued group of our school community.




We try to develop a sense of community and trust between all parties at Grassmoor.  It is essential that if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s education that you come to talk to us about it.  If we are concerned that your child’s work is falling behind that which we would normally expect you will be invited into school to discuss it.

 In case your child takes ill or if there is an emergency please make sure that we have a telephone number where you can be contacted.

 If you child requires medication please ask your doctor if at all possible to prescribe a dosage that can be taken before and after school.  If your child needs medication during the day you are welcome to come into school to administer it.  If this is not possible them you must come into school to discuss this with the class teacher.  It should NOT be assumed that school staff will administer medicines.

 Parents should be aware that the school will take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils.  In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff will have no alternative but to follow County Council Safeguarding Procedures and inform the Social Services of their concern.  Mrs Calderbank is the Safeguarding Officer.

The School Council raise money for charities and often represent the school at special occasions.  They are a very valued group of our school community.




Admission into the nursery of children with special needs is given priority.  Admission into school at Reception is now under the direction of the LEA.  Every opportunity is taken to ensure the children with Special Needs are not discriminated against.  The Deputy Head Teacher Monitors the progress of special needs children on a termly basis as an independent auditor.

Some children may need additional help with their work.  These children are generally taught along side other children in the normal classroom situation and if necessary specialist help is sought.  As always parents will be informed of our concerns and our proposed actions as they occur.  If children are to achieve their true potential then it is essential that a good trusting partnership is built up between home and school.  Occasionally children need support in a 1:1 withdrawal situation, again parents will be consulted and informed about this.

Children who have special skills or talents or who are gifted academically are listed on our Gifted and Talented register.  Teachers make special provision for Gifted and Talented pupils in their weekly planning.  Parents are informed if their child is on the list.

The school is fitted with a ramp and disabled toilet facilities are available in all of the main buildings.  Additional lighting has just been added to the infant corridor to help anyone suffering from visual impairment and our new building contains a dedicated disabled toilet and changing




Derbyshire County Council provides a daily lunch service in school which is available to all children.  All the menus are analysed by a community dietician before they are sent to school.  A choice of a two course meal, vegetarian, salad or sandwich meal is available.  If you have a special request please see Mrs Flint who will negotiate with our cook.  Our school meals are cooked on site and are excellent.




If you have a concern or complaint about some aspect of your child’s education then you should see the class teacher or head teacher.  It is expected that most problems will be able to be resolved in this way.  If however this is not the case a formal procedure involving the Governors and the Local Education Authority can be used, a copy of this can be obtained from the school.




The Governors play a very important role in the life of the school.  They work alongside staff to ensure that high levels of achievement are attained.  Governors are always interested in hearing the views of parents, both positive or negative and can be contact via the school.


 Access Plan





Success Criteria

To provide a disabled parking space

To paint a dedicated space for disabled vehicles.

May 2014


Accessible parking bay for disabled staff/visitors

To re-highlight internal and external step edges.

To use white or yellow paint/tape to highlight the front edge of all steps around school.

May 2014


Safety for the visually impaired is improved within the school environment

To refit the disabled toilet in the Upper Building.

To install a new suite including a shower if possible.

September 2014


Improved facilities for disabled children and adults.

To continue to incorporate appropriate colour schemes when refurbishing to benefit pupils with visual impairment.

To use visual impairment service to check colour scheme before work commences.



Safety for the visually impaired is improved within the school environment

Staff are familiar with technology and practises developed to assist pupils with disabilities.

Training courses




Wider use of SEN resources in mainstream classes

To provide children with access to technology to help them overcome some barriers to their learning, ie speech recognition programmes, large keyboards,

Acessment of children at tracking meetings to ensure that the appropriate technology is available to help them.



Greater access to the curriculum for children with disabilities.

Review information to parents/carers to ensure it is accessible

Consult parents/carers about access needs when child is admitted to school

•        Review all letters home to check that they are written in Plain English

•        Produce newsletter in alternative formats e.g. large print, Braille according to need



All parents receive information in a format that is accessible e.g. large print

Review all curriculum areas to include disability issues where possible and appropriate

INSET day to look at the 2014 curriculum.  Staff meeting and curriculum meeting time to revise current policies and schemes.

September 2014



Schemes of work will reflect the contribution and issues of disable people.

Ensure that all classrooms promote positive images of people with disablilities

Teachers to review the ECERS criteria to ensure that the classrooms reflect good practise.



Children will realise that disabled people are a part of the normal environment and have a positive role to play.

Ensure that all staff have dyslexia training.

Twilight INSET session

September 2014


Raised confidence of teachers TAs in strategies for dyslexic pupils.  Wider use of SEN resources in mainstream classes




These tables show the percentage of year 6 children achieving each level in 2014/15



Level 4 and above

Level 5 and above

Pupils making expected or more progress from Y2 to Y6









Reading, Writing and Maths Combined




































Grammar, Punctuation

& Spelling

















Level 2 and above


Level 3 and above



























National figures are in brackets for 2015.  This is based on Raise online data available in December 2015.






Chair of Governors:             Mr A Bradley

Vice Chair:                             Mr R Whitehead

Governing Body:                                      

            Mr D Chapman          Miss S Etheridge

            Mrs M Slack               Mr I Tomlinson

Clerk to Governors   Mrs J Flint





Teaching Staff:        

Mr S Fidler Headteacher

Mrs L Nelson Deputy Head

Mr R Sidebottom

Miss K Boam

Miss J Barkes

Mrs A Fox

Miss L Wholey

Mrs J Otter

Mrs R Teare

Mr C Auton

Mrs Kibble

Miss C Eyre

Miss C Montgomery

Learning Mentor:

Non Teaching        Staff:  

Mrs H Allcock

Mrs P Bradley

Ms C Watkinson

Mrs J Forbes

Miss S Etheridge

Mrs L Priest

Mrs T Shacklady

Mrs J Long

Miss K Stevenson

Miss K Wallhead

Miss Millward

Miss N Bradley

Miss A Cotterill

Miss D Colley

Miss E Gore







Administrator:                                  Mrs J Flint                                  NEDDC Sport  Worker: Miss L Walton 

Clerk:                                                  Mrs E Broadhurst      

Teachers PA:                                    Mrs E Broadhurst

Mid-day Supervisors:                     Mrs E Broadhurst (Senior)

                                                            Mrs T Castle

                                                            Mrs P Clarke

                                                            Mrs K Walters

                                                            Mrs M Dunks                                                           

                                                            Miss S Fletcher


Kitchen Staff:                                   Mrs J Burrell

                                                            Ms M Wileman

                                                            Mrs L Frith

                                                            Mrs A Salway

Caretaker:                                        Mr C Bradbury

Cleaners:                                           Mrs S Macey

                                                            Miss K Hayward

                                                            Mrs K Walters

Grassmoor Primary School

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