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Grassmoor Primary School

George Stephenson Learning Community

Look out for information about our School Cluster events. This page will grow as the new George Stephenson Learning Community becomes more established. A number of events have already taken place attended by pupil representatives from each school in the Cluster

October 12th, 2017.

Outdoor learning experience at Grassmoor Primary School.

 16 children from the cluster attended our school to explore using an outdoor learning area as a stimulus for writing. After introductions and domestics were attended to the first task was to travel down the field to the area we would occupy. The large tarps we had to create shelter if needed were quickly pressed into action and the chariot race that would form part of our fantasy adventure quickly ensued. Our arrival at the enchanted forest (the older trees with thistle and bramble undergrowth) created the first of many discussions and explorations of how our story may develop.

This routine of exploring both the area and setting/plot continued through the day with deviations around the natural environment as we found it and to make a coracle that may have facilitated a water escape in the story.

After lunch the children worked in their chosen groups, which were quite satisfyingly mixed amongst the schools, developing their ideas and making alterations as they desired. Throughout this time the two members of Grassmoor Staff (Mr Auton and Miss Bradley) were on hand to facilitate their exploration and encourage the development of more interesting and varied vocabulary.

By the end of the afternoon the students had all developed plots based around similar characters and were ready to retell their versions as a campfire was stoked and a kettle put on. By the time the kettle was hot the children had finished their stories and they were ready to reap the rewards of their hard work (hot chocolate and marshmallows) before clearing the site and making their way home.

Mr Auton and Miss Bradley both reported their satisfaction with days work and the inspiration the children took from their changed setting and the initial reports back from the students and parents from the schools involved. A tiring but satisfying and successful day!


Click this link to see the initial outline plan of opportunities that were to be offered as well as a more detailed account of the events of the day.