(Report to be renewed annually)


General Statement

Grassmoor Primary School provides a fully inclusive main stream primary provision. We strive to ensure all our pupils achieve their potential academically, personally, socially and emotionally in all areas of the curriculum, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, sexual identity, physical or educational needs.

The report provides the information on how we support all our pupils with SEN in order they can realize their true potential.

SEN Provision

Grassmoor Primary is a main stream school. All children are expected to make progress related to their age and ability. Pupils are identified as having SEN when they do not make the expected progress and ‘closing the gap’ strategies, through targeted support have proved ineffective. Some SEN pupils have physical needs which affects or inhibits their learning (vision or hearing difficulties). Some children have difficulties with speaking, listening and understanding and in severe cases global delay. Some pupils have specific learning difficulties (autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia) and some children have general learning difficulties.

Identification and Assessment of Pupils with SEN

Class teachers monitor all pupils and will identify children having difficulties in the classroom. These children will be brought to the attention of the SENCO – Mrs
Beverley Calderbank

The class teacher will provide targeted work for the pupil to try to “close the learning gaps”. Other SEN programmes may be used to support such as the Derbyshire Friendly Files for Autism and Dyslexia.

If the children do not make progress the SENCO, Class Teacher and Parents/Carers will meet to discuss the next steps of provision. The SENCO might suggest other programmes. Temporary additional support or ask for advice or assessments from an external specialist service.

Our SEN Policy can be found on our School Website

The descriptors used in school for Special Educational Needs are:
K – SEN Support
E – Educational, Health and Care
S – Statement of SEN

Provisions for Pupils with SEN

Gaps in learning are established by class teachers. Specific targets are set in Reading, Writing and Maths to address the gaps in learning. 1:1 support or small group teaching takes place to ensure targets are being met.

1:1 Tuition


Forest School


Nurture Group


Academic Coaching


Positive Play


Gardening Groups


Year 5 and 6 Read, Write inc.


Code X Reading Programme




Class teachers will write an IEP for pupils with SEN which will be reviewed half termly with new targets set.

Assessment and Reviewing the Progress of Pupils with SEN

Teachers will assess the pupils termly or half termly where appropriate. Progress is tracked and recorded by The Class Teacher, SENCO, Deputy Head and the Head Teacher. The pupils IEPs will then be re-written with new targets. Parents will be consulted at this time.

Annual Reports containing academic and social achievements are sent out in July.

Parent Consultation Meetings are held in October, February and July. Children with a Statement will continue to have an Annual Review and pupils who have an Education Health and Care Plan will have an Annual Multi Agency Meeting.

Teaching Pupils with SEN

All teachers at Grassmoor Primary School have the highest expectations for all children including those with SEN. Whilst building our teaching on children’s knowledge we also endeavour to give the children new experiences to extend their thinking. We will engage the children in a variety of teaching styles, within a creative curriculum using a range of resources and strategies. The child’s class teacher would be happy to give the parent/carer more information about their child’s learning and progress as appropriate.

Adaptation of Curriculum and Learning Environment

There is a ramped entrance, with no steps when entering both buildings. Both buildings have disabled toilets, with changing facilities available in the Infant Building.

Breakfast Club and all After School Clubs are available to pupils with SEN. All children are encouraged to join after school activities.

Improving the Social and Emotional Development of Pupils with SEN

Grassmoor Primary is committed to offering Social and Emotional wellbeing to pupils with SEN as with all pupils. We have a full time Learning Mentor who works with a wide range of children. We offer counselling to children with specific social, mental, emotional health difficulties. We have regular meetings with an Educational Psychologist to advise us on the necessary support from outside agencies. Our children also received valuable support from NHS Speech Therapists.

Staff Training

SSSEN provide advice on writing IEPs and target setting for pupils with dyslexia and dyspraxia. 

Speech and Language Therapists suggest Programmes of Study for children with speech difficulties. Behaviour Support liaise with staff to provide risk assessments and action plans for children with behavioural difficulties. 

The SENCO will lead training for teachers and teaching assistants to improve and develop new strategies for learning for pupils with SEN.

Equipment and Facilities to Support Children with SEN

When appropriate Grassmoor Primary School will endeavour to supply any equipment a child may need in school.

For example: pencil grips, sit fit cushions, sloping writing boards.

Outside agencies will provide other equipment such as wheelchairs, hoists and standing frames.

Consulting Pupils with SEN about their Education

All children on an IEP will be asked to set their own personal targets as part of their IEP.

Pupils with a Statement of Educational Health Care Plan will be asked to give their views on their educational experiences.



Support from Outside Agencies

The following outside agencies support our schools:

Educational Psychologist – Dr Ian Shepherd
Art Therapy
Counselling Service
Occupational Therapist
Medical – School Nurse
Speech and Language Therapy
Learning and Behaviour Support Service
Sensory Support – Hearing and Sight
MAT – Family Resource Worker and Educational Welfare Officer.

Transition Arrangements for Supporting Pupils with SEN

Nursery teacher completes visits and assessments for any pupil with SEN. Staggered starts can be arranged for the pupils who need it.

A transition programme is put in place from FS1 (Nursery) to FS2 (Reception) in the half term prior to starting main school.

Teachers in Reception – Year 5 will have a transition time to discuss records and the needs of the pupils.

Year 6 pupils will visit their new secondary school and transition meetings are held prior to completing Year 6.

SENCO will liaise with the secondary school’s SENCO to ensure a smooth transition for all pupils with SEN.

Children with Statements will be given the opportunity for further transition days to meet Teachers/Teaching Assistants at their new schools.

All records/paperwork will be passed on to the relevant secondary SENCO with any essential discussions taking place prior to the pupils starting secondary school.



Complaints Procedure

The first step would be to consult with the class teacher to make your views known.

The next step would be if the complaint has not been resolved would be to ask for a meeting with the SENCO and Head Teacher.

If the problem has still not been resolved to contact the SEN Governor.

Contact Details

Head Teacher – Mr Steven Fidler – 01246 850349
SENCO – Mrs Beverley Calderbank – 01246 850349
SEN Governor – Mrs M. Slack

Local Authority Information

The following website provides information on services available.