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Grassmoor Primary School

Sports Provision

All our pupils take part in two sessions of PE in their timetable. In addition each pupil takes part in Tai Chi on at least two mornings per week for thirty minutes each session. Pupils in Years 2 and 4 have Tai chi every morning. Pupils in Year 5 go swimming each week.

In addition to the timetabled PE and Tai Chi there are opportunities to take part in extra-curriculur activities including football (either before or after the school day) netball and kung fu, and other sports which take place at Tupton Hall School.

Competitive sports against other schools takes place.

Every year one week in Summer is designated Sports Week when there are sessions of keep fit to start the morning (to which all parents and carers are invited), line dancing after lunch, several round-robin sports events and fruit tasting.

Towards the end of the Summer term we hold a Tai Chi Showcase in which each year group demonstrates what they have learned. All parnents and families are invited to watch this and it is a popular event. The classes are judged and winners announced.


Getting ready for line dancing.Tai chi in Sports week
Getting ready to line dance. Whole-school Tai chi during Sport's Week.