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Grassmoor Primary School


Homework in Year one is focused upon reading. We ask that you listen to your child read each day but as a minimum three times a week. We aim to listen in class to each child read during the week and when your child has shown enough progress we will change their reading book. Practice makes perfect! Due to Covid19 at the moment we cannot access your child's reading record. To ensure your child is still rewarded for practicing their reading I will set a 'task' each week on Class Dojo. This way you can upload a picture of your child's reading diary entries and I can issue Dojos accordingly. Please do not send these via messages only via Portfolio.

Home reading books will be changed weekly. 

Listed below are the Year 1 Common Exception words. The children are expected to be able to read and write these words by the end of year 1. Each week the children will be given 5 common exception words. We will track your child's progress with these in class and will initially focus upon the reading of the word and then the writing of the word. Please look out for 'Task's each week on your child's portfolio on Class Dojo so you can upload any evidence of your child practicing these words. Dojos will be issued accordingly. 

The children will also have access to some library books each week. They can select a book to borrow but please return it to school each Friday so that the books can be quarantined and new library books issued. 

Please make sure your child has their book bag each day but keep your child's reading diary at home.