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Grassmoor Primary School

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Crystal (Y4)

 Class Teacher: Miss J. Barkes

                                                    Welcome to Crystal Class!

Our residential to Whitehall in November was a great success. The children were resilient, brave and became more organised and confident by the end of their visit. Ropes Course, zip lines and rock scrambling - nothing held them back.
We look forward to sharing our achievements at our celebration assembly on Wednesday 29th January @ 2:15pm.

Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'

We have had lots of fun in Year 4 this half term learning all about our teeth and our digestive system. It is fascinating what happens to our food! 


We started our topic by learning all about our teeth and the job they do. We investigated our teeth with mirrors and made impressions of our upper and lower teeth using polystyrene plates.


We explored which teeth are used for eating and the different functions of each type of tooth.  We investigated how to brush our teeth properly using disclosing tablets to check for plaque.  Mrs Foxall came in to talk about how to care for our teeth.


We learnt about the role of saliva in the digestion process. Working in pairs, we mixed one cracker with water and one cracker with saliva. We compared the appearance and smell, learning about how enzymes in our saliva break down our food before it even reaches our stomach.

We learnt all about the digestive system and how it works. To help us, we modeled what happens to our food from the stomach to the intestines using biscuits, water and one leg of a pair of tights!


We started by mixing and churning the food, just like in the stomach. We transferred the contents of the 'stomach' to the 'intestines'. The food was squeezed through the 'intestines' before absorbing any remaining water. Finally, the waste product that was left was squeezed out. This represented poo.