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Grassmoor Primary School

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Opal (Y5)

Class Teacher: Mrs. L. Marshall

 Welcome to Opal Class !  

Spring One

Our topic this term 

Frozen Kingdom


We have kick-started our new topic by looking at the wonderfully exciting novel

Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

We have been studying the language carefully and learning about the two main characters, Eska and Flint. 

We are going to use our ideas to create our own action escape stories - keep checking back to see how they turn out! 



Autumn Two

Our topic this term

A Child's War

During the first few weeks of our exciting new topic, we have been learning all about evacuation during World War Two: what it was; why it was needed; and where different children were evacuated to and from. 


Within our history work, we used a range of different historical sources to help us understand the process of evacuation; what children were allowed to take with them; and we also considered how they might have felt. Within our geography work, we spent some time revising how to use atlases. We then used them find major cities from which children were evacuated from as they were affected during The Blitz. 

Autumn One

Our topic this term

Blood Heart

So far during our time in Year 5, we have been learning all about the heart and the circulatory system

At the beginning of our exciting topic, we learned what the human heart looks like; the main parts of the heart; and how it pumps blood around the whole human body

We then used what we had learnt to write accurate and informative Explanation Texts 

As well as learning how the heart works, we spent a long time finding out what the heart looks like. 

In our English work, we wrote shape poems and calligrams about the human heart. We thought carefully about our word choices to describe the heart (such as what it does, how it looks) and we then used thesauruses to make our ideas even better. Finally, we wrote out poems and presented them beautifully, using our understanding of how the heart looks. 

Within our art lessons, we practised our sketching and shading techniques using both pencils and colours. We then used all of these skills to create our final piece: a sketch of the heart. We picked whether we wanted to use colour or not and if we wanted to create a realistic or more abstract piece. 

What do you think to our final pieces?

Useful Information


Homework is handed out on Mondays and is due on a Friday. For more information, please see our Home Learning Page

PE and Swimming Kit 

Year 5 PE - please help your child to remember to bring in his/her PE kit.  This should include:

  • a pair of dark coloured shorts/jogging bottoms (for outdoor PE)
  • a plain white t-shirt
  • a pair of pumps or trainers
  • a spare jumper (for outdoor PE)

Year 5 will be going swimming most Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure that your child brings: 

  • a one-piece swimming costume/swimming shorts (must come above the knee and be of a tight fit)
  • a towel
  • goggles (if consent has been given)
  • hair bobble - to tie back long hair (if needed)