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Crystal Class Home Learning 


Weekly Homework

All children will be set weekly tasks which will allow them to practise and develop the skills we have been looking at in class. 

Homework will be posted on Class Dojo Portfolios on a Monday afternoon and will be due back in on Friday.

Due to the current climate, homework will not be paper based, but instead be different activities set on a range of online platforms which the class teacher can access and mark (e.g. Class Dojo, Purple Mash, TT Rock Stars).

If you cannot remember log-in details for certain websites, please let Mrs Marshall know and she will find these out for you. 



Every child will have access to a range of exciting books which will be pitched perfectly at their reading level. 

They also have their own reading records where they can record any reading they do. This can including their school reading books and any books they choose to read at home.

Reading at home will earn Class Dojos: children who have read 3 times within a week and evidenced this within their diaries will receive a Class Dojo Point. For children who read every day, they will receive 2 Class Dojos points. Photographs of reading diaries can be uploaded to Class Dojo in order to receive rewards. 

How many points can you earn? 


Each week, children will be asked to learn or practise their times tables. 

Different activities will be set, including logging onto TT Rock Stars to complete the Sound Check activity.  This will be checked each week and Dojos will be rewarded to those who log on and practise!


Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate TT Rock Star?



A short piece of written work will be set each week where children will be given the opportunity to develop their creative writing ideas as well as practise the different skills we have been learning in class. 

The written activities will be set either as worksheets on Class Dojo or activities on Purple Mash. 

Any especially good examples of writing will be celebrated in class as well as being published on the school website. 

How many pieces can you get published?



Throughout Year 5, we will be looking at a the different spellings which have been set out in the National Curriculum. We will be looking at these in class and children should spend time at home practising them as well. 

Each week, the specific spellings we have been looking at in class will also be sent home for further practise. There will be no spelling test, but children who do learn them at home can earn lots of Dojo Points. 

Below are the list of Year 5 spellings as well as some hints and tips for exciting ways to practise your words at home.


 Spelling Ideas.pdfDownload
 Spelling list.pdfDownload
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Project Homework 

Each half term, a piece of project homework will be set which is linked to our class topic. 

This might be research based, something to create and build or experiences to try at home. 

Project homework will be shared with pupils and parents at the beginning of each term via Class Dojo and hand-in dates will be set. 

Information about each project will also be available here and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Marshall.

Unlimited amounts of Class Dojo Points will be awarded for project homework. How many do you think that you can achieve?


Pharaohs Project Homework  

Due date 16.10.2020

The pyramids are a well-known part of the Ancient Egyptians’ legacy. These incredible stone structures were built over hundreds of years and still stand proudly in Egypt, thousands of years later.

But why were they built and what were they for?

Your task is to conduct research to find out more about these mysterious structures and create a presentation about your findings.

You can do this however you want: a poster; a powerpoint; an information video; or even a 3D pyramid with information hidden inside – it is completely up to you.

Prizes and Dojo Points will be awarded to the most detailed pieces and the most imaginative presentation – let your imagination run wild!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!