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Grassmoor Primary School

EYFS1 (Nursery) Information

Grassmoor Nursery
General Information

Nursery Opening times:  Morning 8.55am - 11.30am

The Acting Head teacher is Mrs S James
The Nursery Teacher is Mrs K Kibble
The Nursery Nurses are Miss N Millward

Contact information
Grassmoor Nursery School
North Wingfield Road
S42 5EP
Nursery Telephone number 01246 855074
School Telephone number 01246 850349

This pack gives you important information that you will need.


The Early Years Foundation Stage

Your child will be learning through a programme of teaching and learning set down by the Government Department of Education called the ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ [EYFS].

The stage covers 7 areas of learning and development.

Personal, Social and Emotional development.
Physical development
Communication and Language
Understanding of the World
Expressive Arts and Design


It is expected that children will learn by:
Playing and Exploring – engagement
Active Learning – motivation
Creating an thinking critically – thinking

These are called the Characteristics of Learning


You can find out more about the EYFS by visiting the following website



Grassmoor Nursery Prospectus
Grassmoor Nursery is a 52 place Nursery in 2 sessions, with 26 children attending mornings and 26 attending afternoons.
Our aim is to create and provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment for our children and hope to create the feeling that we are an extension of the family. Our primary concern is the children's well-being and through a structured and loving environment. We help them to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and also encourage them to mix socially.
The nursery is a large and brightly decorated classroom for the children to access all areas and equipment independently. Children have free flow access to the resources and the outdoor area which encourages, good social integration and opportunities to develop independence. This includes their own art and craft area, role play corner, writing area, maths area, library area and sand and water play as well as an investigation area.
We communicate with parents daily and informing you of how your child has been at nursery. Parent consultations are held termly to discuss your child's development and any concerns you may have.


Grassmoor Nursery

Attendance- Good attendance is valued by our school and it is essential if pupils are to take full advantage. Attendance registers are filled in at the beginning of each morning and afternoon sessions. Parents should inform Nursery of the reason for any absence by sending a written note of explanation, a personal verbal message or a telephone message.

Registration – Please help your child to self-register every day by finding his/ her name cards.

Snacks and drinks - During each session your child will be given a drink or milk or water and a piece of fruit. Sometimes, they will have other foods that may have some relevance to the week’s learning. The children will be expected to collect and put away their snacks and beakers independently.

Clothing – Most of the activities in the Nursery involve painting, gluing and water as well as playing with materials such as clay, plasticene and play dough etc. While we provide aprons it would help if your child could wear clothing that can be easily washed. The school has a simple school uniform which includes a polo shirt and a school sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo. These can be purchased from the school office.

As we also spend part of our day outside, please ensure that your child has a suitable coat and footwear every day. Your child also needs to wear clothing that can be easily removed when going to the toilet this will help your child to avoid distressing accidents.

If your children has only recently been toilet trained please bring a bag with sets of spare clothes in case they need changing.
Oral hygiene – After snack time each child collects their own toothbrush and cleans their teeth in order to promote good oral hygiene habits. Our Oral Health Toothbrushing Assistant , Mrs Foxall, is fully trained and accesses both the morning and afternoon children.