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Grassmoor Primary School

On-line safety

As a school we are concerned that our children can be exposed to very inappropriate material on-line, and do as much as we can to reduce the possibilities of this. The internet system has a filtering system, and we monitor pupil use of the internet.

There are some useful tips on the 'Being safe on-line' page under the 'Classes' tab.  As well as these useful websites the children in school have regular refreshers to remind them of the importance of staying safe on-line.


Please help your child by talking to them about not talking to anyone on-line who they do not know: preferably they should not be talking to anyone on-line as this is where they are the most exposed to danger.

No child in school is old enough to have an account on the following social media sites: Facebook (13+), Sanpchat (13+), Youtube (13+ with parental consent), etc. Also please do not allow your children onto age-related games such as Grand Theft Auto (18+) as this exposes them to other users whom they do not know.