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Grassmoor Primary School


From September 2019 the school uniform is as follows.


Uniform Change for September 2019.

From September there are some slight changes to our uniform as follows:

White polo shirt (this is now just one colour)

Royal Blue cardigan, sweatshirt, jumper or fleece (same)

Black skirts/tailored shorts/trousers (this is now just one colour)

Black sensible shoes (no trainers from September)

Summer dresses: Royal blue and white gingham (just one colour)


P.E. Kit.

All children need a change of clothes for P.E.

T-shirts and shorts with  pumps or trainers are suitable.

In winter a plain track suit or leggings and a plain sweatshirt should be available.

P.E. kit should be stored in a draw string top bag or carrier bag which should

be named – no large sports bags please; we don’t have the storage space.



Except for watches and 1 pair of stud earrings, jewellery is not allowed.

When children participate in P.E. they are expected to be able to remove their

earrings or have tape provided by parents.

If they are in Year 5 and go swimming, they will not be allowed to swim unless

they take out their earrings.

As a school, we suggest leaving ear piercing until the beginning of the 6 week

break so that they can remove them for P.E. by September.